Trolleys for segregating and transporting glass and PVC profiles

We present you the offer of trolleys for segregation and safe transport of glass, window frames and other window joinery elements, as well as ready-made windows. Our assortment also includes trolleys for segregating PVC profiles for the production of windows and doors. Solid structures, swivel wheels with brakes and the use of high-quality materials in the production process guarantee safe and trouble-free transport. We offer over 20 models of transport trolleys, among which you will surely find those best suited to the needs of your company.


Transport trolleys - convenience and safety

Like other products from our offer, e.g. storage racks, transport carts are an invaluable help in the production and storage process of goods. Undoubtedly, they facilitate the logistics in the company, allowing for fast, convenient and safe transport of those products, which are not sufficient to transfer the force of human hands. Transport trolleys are used today in enterprises representing various industries. Various models of trolleys are the response of manufacturers to the diverse needs of customers and their growing expectations in the field of internal transport. All transport trolleys for glass and PVC from our offer combine reliability and the highest quality of workmanship. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with this purchase. We invite you to read the descriptions of the offered products. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.


What to pay attention to when selecting a transport truck?

Transport trolleys are an element of internal transport in the company, which consists of:

  • production and technological transport,
  • service, storage and warehouse transport.

Wheeled carts enable inter-departmental, intra-departmental, inter-work and workplace transport in production plants. In our assortment you will find a large selection of trucks with various operational and functional characteristics, so they can be adapted to specific conditions. We will advise you on the appropriate means of transport, taking into account the size of the enterprise, type and scope of technological processes. We have models to suit all sizes of batch, batch and mass production.


How to organize transport by a trolley in the company?

When organizing logistic processes in a company, it is worth considering its needs and financial possibilities. Consider the benefits and costs associated with using material handling trucks in a new or retrofit plant. A thorough analysis often shows that replacing obsolete equipment with new one is more profitable in the long run than using worn-out equipment. Well-organized transport, and thus the utilized potential of transport trolleys, is when all raw materials, materials and finished products reach individual work, supervision and warehouse stations in an uninterrupted and timely manner. This can be achieved, among others thanks to the arrangement of transport routes so that their paths do not intersect. It is also worth equipping the plant, among others with transport stands and other elements ensuring safe movement of products.