We are fast growing manufacturing company that offers its customers  modern and safe solutions to support logistics and production processes.

In our offer You will find : trolleys, tables, conveyers, many types of metal racks and much more.

  • We offer our knowledge and modern technical facilities to provide You with high quality approved and certified products.
  • We support You with professional advice to choose the best solutions and products for Your company.
  • Thanks to cooperation with reliable transport companies we can deliver Your goods safe and  on-time.
  • We build business relationship with clients on Polish and foreign markets. Our products are popular among many European customers.
  • Our company is located just 30km from the boarder with Germany, near the A18 highway  and with good access to A2. That helps us reaching  wide range of customers.   

We invite You to cooperate with our company !
If you have any questions regarding the offer, don’t hesitate to contact our office in Żary .



Marcin Gad

Robert Nowogórski



Katarzyna Rembowska-Gad



Elżbieta Kozakiewiczflaga niemiecka

Katarzyna Lokśflaga angielska

Marcin Gad

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