Spool and transport feeders for various purposes

We offer transport feeders that enable safe and efficient transport of sashes and window frames. We also offer reel feeders that allow the mounting of reels of various thickness and diameter. The available models are distinguished by a stable and solid construction and the possibility of adjusting the height of the feeders. The varied technical parameters of our devices allow us to make an optimal purchase. Thanks to this, the logistics and production processes in your company will be improved. This is because the feeders and transport stands are irreplaceable in a modern enterprise. They can be used to equip new workplaces or modernize existing ones and thus increase production. Spool feeders reduce the necessary labor input while maintaining the employee's efficiency. As a result, it is easier to gain a competitive advantage in the industry.


What will you gain by using our transport feeders?

Transport feeders can be equipped with a roller or spool mechanism. Both types of feeders affect the efficiency and ergonomics of work. First of all, they enable easy movement of bulky or heavy materials, including those with large dimensions. Roller conveyors are often used to transport loads in the manufacturing industry. On the other hand, reel feeders are designed to feed threads, wires, gaskets or other long and flexible products. The feeders can be easily adapted to specific needs. You can choose a conveyor with a horizontal or vertical design, as well as modify individual modules of the conveyor line. Due to their universal nature, they can usually be used even after changing the business profile. We provide favorable terms of cooperation. Our employees provide professional advice on the selection of optimal solutions. In addition to products with standard dimensions, we also make all structures in accordance with the customer's guidelines. We are convinced that custom-made products, equipped with functional accessories, will facilitate production and storage. We hope that you will soon join the group of satisfied customers of our company.