Storage racks - for PVC and ALU frames, fittings, window sashes

Storage racks are almost an inseparable element of every warehouse equipment. They enable the management of the available space and control over the stored products. These are elements that are exposed to harsh conditions every day - the weight of the assortment and susceptibility to mechanical damage cause them to be damaged. If you want to avoid their quick replacement, it is worth focusing on the highest quality and proven manufacturers. As a company with many years of experience, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our range. We care about the satisfaction of our customers, so each product is made in accordance with the highest standards.


Racks for PVC and ALU frames, fittings, window sashes

Our offer includes a wide selection of storage racks, tailored to various applications, including, among others, for storing window sashes, for fittings and PVC and ALU frames. We have two-tier, single and double-sided models, with a fixed or rotating structure. In their production, we use proven, high-quality materials, we take care of solid workmanship and every detail, thanks to which we can safely guarantee excellent quality and reliable operation for a long time. We cover the working surface with a rubber lining, thanks to which the stored products gain full protection. Properly selected, they will certainly facilitate and improve work in the warehouse and will allow you to take full advantage of the available space. For maximum comfort, we also recommend transport stands that will allow you to transport individual products from the warehouse to the selected location.


Customized Cantilever Racks and Storage Shelves

The functional equipment of the warehouse is extremely important for maintaining the continuity of production. Therefore, we specialize in the production of warehouse racks tailored to the needs, both in terms of size and structure. We provide shelves used in the window industry. For the storage of products and semi-finished products needed in this industry, i.e. frames, fittings and windows, we have developed spacious cantilever racks and storage shelves. The cantilever racks, storage cabinets and sorters designed by us enable safe storage of elements for the production of windows, including those susceptible to damage.


LIFO or FIFO concept - how to store goods?

Equipping a warehouse with appropriate shelves is essential. It is equally important to properly manage the warehouse so that the flow of goods is smooth and optimized. For the storage of goods, e.g. in the window joinery industry, the LIFO or FIFO concept can be used. Storing goods in the LIFO system (Last In, First Out) consists in planning the flow of products in such a way that the last item introduced to the warehouse will leave it first. The second technique of FIFO (First In, First Out) storage is to make sure that the products stored in the warehouse the longest leave it first. The third technique - FEFO (First Expired, First Out), which takes into account the expiry dates of products, is unlikely to be used by our customers. We leave the choice of the best concept to you, because the supervision of stock levels is an individual matter in each production plant. There is no better or worse storage technique. It is important that it does not generate unnecessary costs and difficulties.