Fitting and glazing tables - GK PRODUCT offer

Our offer includes work tables. We sell hardware and glazing tables. All our products are made of materials with high technical parameters. In addition, they have solid structures that ensure stability during operation. The tables are also ergonomic, so that employees can use their full potential. Some models are equipped with practical tool shelves. The tops are equipped with polyamide sliding profiles, brush strips, multi-directional rubber rollers and other elements. These elements improve working conditions and facilitate its organization. Equipping the workstations with modern work tables, hardware and glazing tables ensures efficient operation of each production plant. Our assortment includes tables:

  • tilting,
  • oblique,
  • rotary,
  • roller,
  • transport,


Assembly tables as equipment for the welding and cleaning line

It is best to adjust the number of technological lines and their modules individually in a joinery production plant. The plant should be equipped with a welding and cleaning line, an assembly and processing line, and a warehouse for semi-finished and finished products. The welding and cleaning line most often includes a welding machine, a cleaner and an assembly table for painting joints in the corners of the products. Functional assembly tables are best placed at the end of each welding and cleaning line. Then the elements from the assembly tables are conveniently transported by means of transport trolleys to the warehouse or directly to the next production line: assembly and processing, on which the frames and sashes are connected.

What should an efficient assembly and processing line consist of?

An efficient assembly and processing line should consist of several stations that ensure comfortable and effective work. When arranging individual machines and furniture, it is worth taking care of the arrangement in accordance with the subsequent technological activities, in order to avoid unnecessary downtime in production. At the beginning of the assembly and processing line of window and door joinery, a table for assembling sash fittings will be useful. Next, it is worth setting the machining center for fittings, and then another assembly table on which the hinges or ventilators will be installed.


Glazing tables providing protection against micro-scratches

Thanks to the treatment, the glass gains the appropriate physical properties. It also has excellent chemical resistance. Professional glass processing does not deteriorate the characteristics of this fragile material in any way. However, the quality of the window is not only determined by the processing of glass panes. The professional placement of the glass in the window frame is equally important. Glass mounted in a frame on a glazing table with a well-thought-out structure is maximally protected against the formation of micro-cracks. The complete immobilization of the elements on work tables and transport feedersprotects the glass against the loss of physical properties and strength parameters.