Metalowe stojaki transportowe: na szkło, do okien

Metal transport stands are products that are highly appreciated in the transport and storage industry. They are a reliable way of transporting heavy and damage-prone elements, without the need to carry them and risk of damage. Used, inter alia, as glass stands, also as window stands. For their production, we use high-quality materials, well-thought-out constructions and proven solutions. Solid workmanship, attention to detail and a rubber working surface ensure full safety during transport. In addition to finished products, our offer also includes accessories, additional and replacement equipment, including rubber profiles for transporting glass.

Metal A and L type stands

In our offer you will find professional, extremely solid and durable metal stands for glass type A and L (double-sided and one-sided). We have a large and varied selection of pyramid stands, tailored to the different needs of our customers. Individual models can be modified, so you can adjust their design according to individual requirements, and thus maximize the benefits and convenience of use. In addition, the metal stands of the GK-Product brand are equipped with four handles for moving with a crane or an overhead crane and four handles for transport with a forklift.


Advantages of window stands for individual orders

In our product catalog you can find models with standard parameters. In addition, we produce window stands for individual orders. Our window stands are used by reputable companies producing construction joinery and glass manufacturers. The advantages of custom-made metal window stands are:

  • adjusting the structure to the specific size of glass or windows - maximum use of space on the stand and full safety for the goods,
  • transport of products on special order - our customers can personalize the offer of door and window joinery or produce atypical products for the needs of a specific facility,
  • adjusting the dimensions of the stands to the size of the delivery vehicle - full use of the transport space, in the case of transporting small dimensions, you can load them on a smaller vehicle and reduce fuel consumption on the route,
  • economical loading of windows or glass on stands,
  • the possibility of placing products on various stands according to their type or size - execution of the entire order during one delivery,


How to improve the economy with transport racks?

Metal stands are a tool that enables the transport of products by manufacturers of windows and glass. They are also used as storage space. The efficient management of transport racks takes into account their deliveries with products to recipients and taking empty racks. Maintaining a profitable, rhythmic supply chain can be difficult as racks are not returned on time and manufacturers often lack them. Having a large number of racks of various designs and sizes is the first step to improving the quality of deliveries, also abroad. To monitor the condition of the returnable racks, it is worth:

  • keep a registration of all owned racks,
  • permanently mark each stand leaving the plant with products,
  • pack the products on the appropriate racks already in the production department of the plant,
  • unify the rules of transporting standing and one-time orders.

Some manufacturers decide to monitor the condition of the racks on an ongoing basis in the IT program. However, this is a difficult task as there is no commercial desktop software that takes all variables into account. Companies use their own solutions, which they improve based on their experience.